Simply explained: Advantages of paying via Bitcoin and Co. – Part 3

Are you suspicious of cryptocurrencies? You don’t see any real advantage in using Bitcoin and Co? In this mini-series, we will open your eyes and introduce you to the fundamental advantages of the revolutionary technology from three very different aspects: Part 1: Paying via Bitcoin and Co. in crisis areas and developing countries Part 2: […]

Simply explained: Advantages of paying via Bitcoin and Co – Part 2

Bitcoin and the block chain technology behind it do not offer any advantages for you and the society? Not at all!  In the first part of the mini-series, we have already explained what you need to get started in the crypto world and what advantages the abandonment of a bank offers, especially for developing countries […]

Simply explained: Advantages of paying via Bitcoin and Co. – Part 1

You are sceptical about Bitcoin and Co.? After all, we have a functioning banking system – so why should we change anything? We will change your mind! In this mini-series we try to open your eyes and convince you of the advantages of the Blockchain technology in terms of paying. Part 1: Paying via Bitcoin […]

Consensus mechanisms – There can only be one version

“A consensus mechanism is an algorithm that provides for agreement on a specific status within a network.” Behind this technical-looking definition is basically a very simple idea. As we have already described in the article “Transparent, secure, anonymous – How does the blockchain work?”, transactions are processed via a central account book. This does not […]

Transparent, secure, anonymous – How does the blockchain work?

Blockchain networks are characterized by their decentralization and thus their independence from a central institution. But how exactly is decentralization to be understood and how are the numerous “account movements” within a blockchain network processed? How can account balances and transactions be transparent and anonymous at the same time? In this blog post we provide […]

Whales – The giants of the crypto scene

They are spotted from time to time and their appearance is always an impressive spectacle – at least for those who know their way around the market. We are talking about so-called “Crypto Whales”. These are persons or organizations that hold a very large amount of a specific crypto currency. Concentration of power instead of […]

Ethereum – Revolution through Smart Contracts

Why Spotify, Netflix and Kickstarter could become obsolete Ethereum itself is not a conventional cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but a platform for decentralized applications. The cryptocurrency belonging to the Ethereum network is called Ether. Put simply, the platform gives you the ability to create contracts that are enforced automatically and without an intermediary. So-called Smart Contracts […]

Background knowledge: Why is one Euro worth one Euro?

Fiat – automobile brand, currency system and preliminary stage of digital currencies The vast majority of readers will probably think of an Italian automobile brand when they hear the word “Fiat”. In the financial world, however, the word describes the currency system we use, such as the Euro. In the distant past, commodity money dominated. […]

HODL or pizza?

Entertaining examples of the value enhancement potential of Bitcoin The inner core of the crypto scene has its very own humour – and thus shapes definitions for the entire industry.  On December 18, 2013, a frustrated user named “GameKyuubi” addressed the community in a blog post and expressed his displeasure about a crash in the […]

How new Bitcoins are created

Digital gold prospectors and the mining of valuable cryptocurrencies The money supply of fiat currencies is controlled by the central banks. The situation is completely different with Bitcoin. Here a plan was already established with the creation of the digital currency in 2009, which regulates the issue of new Bitcoins. New Bitcoins can be generated […]