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Investing in Bitcoin and Co. – Investment strategies for beginners

Not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum were able to reach new highs at the turn of the year. While one Bitcoin was still traded for around $7300 on 31.12.2019, exactly one year later the digital currency could only be obtained from an amount of $28,800. The same applies to Ethereum: the price of the cryptocurrency rose from around $130 to an astronomical $750 over the course of last year. 

The hype around the most popular cryptocurrencies seems to continue in 2021. Already in the first few weeks, both Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a massive increase in value. No wonder that the mass media are once again taking notice of the digital currencies based on blockchain.

Should I really dare to invest?

Because  of the price increases, many people are now asking themselves: Should I invest in cryptocurrencies? When is the right time to get in? How should I proceed? And when is the right time to exit?

In our mini-series on our blog:, we address these questions and provide easy-to-understand answers. In addition, we also provide tips, especially for Bitcoin newbies, to help you operate successfully on the market.

part 1: Bitcoin as an investment – currency with strong price increase

part 2: coming soon

part 3: coming soon

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