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Simply explained: Advantages of paying via Bitcoin and Co. – Part 3

Are you suspicious of cryptocurrencies? You don’t see any real advantage in using Bitcoin and Co? In this mini-series, we will open your eyes and introduce you to the fundamental advantages of the revolutionary technology from three very different aspects:

Part 1: Paying via Bitcoin and Co. in crisis areas and developing countries

Part 2: How Bitcoin and Co. can revolutionise your payment behaviour

Part 3: Bitcoin and Co. as a flexible and stable means of payment

In the last part of the mini-series, we look at the topic of investments. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have received a lot of criticism in the past. Unjustifiably so, because those who follow the basic rules of the game and distance themselves from speculative cryptocurrencies can act extremely flexibly and at the same time rely on high value stability. How does that work? That’s exactly what we’ll show you in this article!

Cryptocurrencies are a game with fire?

At the latest since the hype in autumn and winter 2017, the general public has also been able to experience the value increase potential of bitcoin live – and the associated risk. Because the meteoric rise was followed by the crash.

It is little wonder that cryptocurrencies have since been viewed rather sceptically by the masses. However, if you look behind the facade of bitcoin, you can discover diverse investment options that are surprisingly stable. The most prominent example is Tether (USDT). The Ethereum-based token is firmly linked to the exchange rate of the US dollar. In other words, 1 USDT is always almost equal to the value of $1.

The US dollar is not stable enough for you? No problem, with the HeyGold token there is a way to invest directly in pure gold by buying a cryptocurrency. Each token corresponds to a gold quantity of 0.1 g gold. You don’t think much of precious metals and are more into elegant sports cars and limousines? Then the Classic Car Coin could be the right investment for you. Each token reflects a fraction of the total portfolio of classic and vintage cars.   

More flexible than the euro and US dollar

So you see, cryptocurrencies are not just Bitcoin and Ethereum, but much more. There is a wide range of investment options open to you. The interesting thing is that you can switch your investments to the right crypto marketplace within seconds – and at unbeatable conditions. For example, did you know that you only have to pay 0.15% of the trading volume in fees at Coinygram? A quick switch from Bitcoin to the stable-value Tether is therefore no problem. 

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